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DC2 - DMAE Serum 15%

The DMAE Serum is a natural product involved in the increase of muscular tone, which firms up the muscles subjected to the ageing process, by counter-arresting the effects of flaccidity.
Butylenglicol is strong moisturizer which improves the skin’s level of hydration.
The Pomegranate extract contains Punicosides, Polyphenols, Sugars, Amino acids… and it exercises a highly powerful anti-oxidant effect.
Due to the richness of these ingredients, the 15% DMAE Serum reduces the depth of the wrinkles on your face and neck. After its initial lifting effect, which can be noted just 30 minutes after its application, the results in the improvement of the elasticity of the skin, its firmness, and the reduction of wrinkles, are visible three months later around the eyes and on the face, and four months later in the neck area.
Dermatologically tested · Hypoallergenic · Does not cause comedos

Modo de uso:

Apply a small amount twice a day to very clean skin. When you begin feeling the lifting sensation, you can apply a moisturizing cream.

Image DC2 - DMAE Serum 15%