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DC2 - Cellular Activating Serum

The Hyaluronic Acid is the best moisturizer known and this serum contains a very high concentration of it (20 %). It also contains an exclusive complex of amino acids and Oligo-peptides that act as an Epidermal Growth Factor, which will encourage the formation of Collagen and Elastin.
The formula is completed with Marine Elastin which serves to tighten and smooth the skin, pure Muco-polysaccharides with a high regenerative power and a Soy Extract, which is rich in Isoflavones, that improve the tonicity of the skin.
When it is applied to fresh, clean skin it furnishes an immediate flash effect that not only improves its appearance and adds a special luminosity to the face, but it also deeply nourishes and regenerates it.
Several drops on the skin over make-up will reinforce the tones and the luminosity, avoiding an artificial effect.
Dermatologically tested · Hypoallergenic · Does not cause comedos

Modo de uso:

Apply by gently massaging the serum in with your fingertips, morning and night on very clean skin.

Image DC2 - Cellular Activating Serum